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Wizseller Customer Support

To ensure we address your issue promptly and effectively, it’s crucial to provide a comprehensive description of the problem you’re encountering. Follow these steps to leave a proper web design issue ticket:

  • Start with a Clear Subject:
    Begin by summarizing the main issue in the subject line. This helps us categorize and prioritize tickets efficiently.
  • Example: Subject – “Homepage Slider Not Displaying Correctly”

Detailed Description:
In the body of the ticket, elaborate on the problem. Include specific details such as:

  • What You Were Doing: Describe the actions you were taking when you encountered the issue.
  • Expected Outcome: Explain what you were expecting to happen.
  • Actual Outcome: Describe what occurred and how it differed from your expectations.
  • Device and Browser Information: Mention the device (desktop, mobile, tablet) and browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) you used.

Note: Most issues are resolved in 24 hours.

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